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House Springs

The Price Chopper

  • Sunday, September 6, 12p-5p (pre-order pick up 2-5)
  • 4639 Gravois Rd, House Springs 
  • Click over to the SHOP page to pre-order (ends day before)
    • Gurantee's your favorite flavor​
    • Avoids contact through payment.
    • Be sure to CLICK CORRECT LOCATION on order page​​​​
  • Look for the STRIPES


Contactless door delivery

  • Monday, September 7, 8a-12p 
  • Click order button to pre order (pre-orders end day before) 
    • Guarantee's your favorite flavor
    • Be sure to CLICK CORRECT LOCATION on order page
    • Avoids contact through payment.
  • Supplies limited, so guarantee your favorite by pre-ordering!
  • Tell your friends!  

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